Revive this Land

(See Acts 16-19, Psalm 85)

In the times of His favor,
The Land blessed by the Lord,
Where News fell as seeds,
And as water spread the Word:

“There’s a God who gives life.
One King to be praised.
Believe in the Lord Jesus,
And you will be saved.”

In the prison of despair
Echoed singing all night.
And from the land full of idols
Sprang a Church of His delight.

The Spirit came embracing,
Bringing healing from above.
Riches counted rubbish
In the face of such great Love.

Now Your people have forgotten.
They have all turned away.
Once again, each one asks:
“What’s new today?”

False peace and lies,
Good feelings they trade.
Claiming wisdom and gods
Their own minds have made.

The Name once exalted,
Feared among all men,
Is being mocked and becomes
“The unknown God” once again.

Such a pit is too deep!
This curse who can undo?
Who can open a heart to see,
Who can revive, if not You?

Start a fire in Your House,
Wake Your children from their sleep.
Turn our eyes from selfish gain
That we may watch Your lost sheep.

Tend to their every wound
And wipe away their every tear.
With Your comfort in our arms
They’ll perceive that You are near.

So long we’ve longed to hear
Pleasing words sung aloud:
“This friend of mine was lost,
And rejoice! He is found!”

Then Your Name will be held
In high honor once again.
Lord Jesus, we pray:
Revive this land!

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