The depth of your experience at Revive will be in proportion to your openness, hunger and preparation.

For this reason, we invite you to set aside 2 hours before the conference to do the following:

1. Revive Our Hearts Zoom Recording

Watch the 1-hour Zoom recording below. This will give you important spiritual training for what will happen during the conference, particularly during the Revive Our Hearts evening (29 December). And it will help you with steps 2 and 3 below.

2. Personal Timeline & Family Map

Using the instructions in the Zoom recording above, prepare your personal timeline and family map. You will share your timeline and map in trios on the afternoon of 29 December.

3. Prayerful Reflection

Using your timeline and map, reflect and identify idols in your heart, people to forgive, unhealthy family patterns that you would like God to break, and healthy patterns you’d like to embrace.

A few optional ideas to prepare spiritually for Revive include:

🎶 Worship

Get ready to sing with 2,000+ Christian students by singing along with our Spotify playlist. We’ll worship in English during the main sessions. We’ll have a Multilingual Worship & Prayer room, and you can sign up to lead non-English worship.

📖 Review Acts 1-15

We’ll be feasting on Acts 16-19 at Revive, so find out what happened to the apostles and early Christians in Acts chapters 1-15. Watch our 1.5-minute FlashbACTS reel with three key events from each chapter.


You can look at ahead at our seminar pages, as well as our FAQ page to find out what to pack, translation services and other practical preparations for Revive.