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“IFES Europe has, over the last thirty years, organised and hosted ten editions of the European Student Evangelism Conference. And now we have sensed Jesus asking us if he can borrow our boat (Luke 5). There is something he wants to do, something that is much bigger than us. We have said “yes” to his calling, and Revive is the result, with more than 20 organisations standing together with us.”

Tor Erling Fagermoen, IFES Regional Secretary for Europe 

What a movement of the Spirit to get us all at the same table and speaking into one event! What will God do with and through Revive? I am excited to see, although I dare not miss what He has already done by uniting us!
— Connie Duarte, Chair of Mission Net and Board Member of the European Evangelical Alliance

Revive Partners




“God has often used young people to initiate reformation and revival in Europe in our increasingly secularised culture. Luther, Calvin, Zinzendorf were all under 30 years old when God raised them to prominence. We desperately need another move of God. We are praying that the Lord will use some of the 5,000 students expected at Revive 2019, with other initiatives, to contribute to a fresh move of the Spirit of God across our needy continent.”

Lindsay Brown, Head of FEUER


“Europe is desperate for a new touch of God. As in the past, God is longing for a new generation of young people across our continent to be used in this endeavour. Revive will serve as a key instrument in calling and commissioning students to see Europe being changed for His glory.”

Evi Rodemann, Chair of YLGen Connect Groups, Lausanne Movement


“We are deeply thankful that IFES will gather students from across Europe around Jesus and his passion for our lost continent. By his grace Revive will be a tremendous manifestation to the power of the gospel to revive individuals, and a spirit of unity and partnership between us in Europe, ‘so that the world may believe’. Jesus will rejoice as his prayers in John 17 are answered.”

Ole-Magnus Olafsrud, Chair of YLGen Mentoring Commitment Team, Lausanne Movement


"I am really excited about Revive because I know it will inspire and mobilize young people all over Europe to live for Jesus and to make Jesus known. I'm even more excited to see so many partners involved in Revive because it shows a heart of unity and a shared desire to see more of Jesus in Europe."

Maarten Gast, Director, Agape Europe


“We love to partner with Revive to help young people grow as whole life disciples of Jesus, to glorify the Lord with everything he has entrusted us.”

Bert den Hertog, General Secretary, Compass Europe


“I'm excited to see how God will work amongst us when we gather together in his name and seek his heart for the nations.”

Scott Mathews, Strategy Coordinator, Cru


“In crisis situations, God has often opened up unexpected avenues, often using youth. Europe is in a crisis. Youth across Europe needs a platform where it can meet, pray, listen, dream and be envisioned. Revive provides this. The European Evangelical Alliance gladly partners with IFES to make this a success.”

Thomas Bucher, General Secretary, European Evangelical Alliance


“Friends International are excited to partner with Revive because reaching international students across Europe, and discipling them to be effective ambassadors for Christ when they return to their home countries, is becoming an increasingly strategic priority as numbers increase, and as access to many countries becomes more difficult for Christian workers.”

Alan Tower, National Director, Friends International


“This conference will have ripple effects in Europe and across the globe. Young, passionate followers of Jesus need to be there for two reasons: to hear from God and to know how to move with God in His great mission!”

Micha Orth, MoveIn Europe Vision Team


"Our old continent is in desperate need for new revival. May we, as God's people, become instruments for this in Europe, and not obstacles! Revive expresses our common longing for this. May many young people from all over Europe return home with a renewed passion and vision for God's Kingdom and for what he is able to do through this young generation!"

Erzsébet Komlósi, Field Development Director for Europe, Scripture Union International


"In an increasingly urbanised and secularised Europe, this very global generation needs the chance to hear the Good News again in a way that is accessible to them. We believe God is raising up a new missionary movement and calling the church to bold and relevant witness to a generation thirsty for Truth. This will only be possible if we stand in unity, learning from each other and joining in action to fulfil the great commission. That’s why we’re excited to be part of Revive!"

Luke Greenwood, Europe Director, Steiger


“We are honoured to partner together for Revive, earnestly desiring to see the Spirit of God awaken this generation of students across Europe, releasing them to fulfil his purposes in the earth.”

Blair Bonin, Coordinator, Students for Christ Europe


"History might declare this the Movement generation. Our prayer is that for all the impact of many important movements, the one that stands out will see a turning of students and young adults to God in prayer and faith, in order to see his Kingdom come in power. Our hope and prayer is that Revive can be this movement.”

Colin Piper, Executive Director, WEA Youth Commission


Revive is an amazing opportunity. We want to see young people coming together, seeking God and responding to his call; to see the gospel impacting our lives, our society and Europe.”

Frank Bauer, YWAM


“God has not finished with Europe yet! Signs of hope are everywhere amidst the ruins of old institutions - new spiritual hunger, new prayer movements, new expressions of church, new Europeans from Africa, Asia and America restoring gifts of boldness, colour and discernment we have lost, new desire for unity of the heart, and new awareness of the Good News about God’s rule – his kingdom – in all spheres of life. Remember, it is always God’s will for his will to be done - also in Europe! That’s what Jesus taught us to pray for. What are we waiting for?”

Jeff Fountain, YWAM


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