Alice Atkins

Alice Atkins is a third-culture kid born in the Philippines to missionary parents from Hong Kong. She grew up in the United States since she was 8 years old. She has worked for 20 years in campus ministry with InterVarsity/USA. She holds an M.A. in Biblical Counseling and is a CQ Certified Professional by the Cultural Intelligence Center, LLC. She is passionate about leadership development and intercultural ministry.
She will lead the seminar “Cultural Blind Spots… How are they affecting your outreach?”.

Alison Siewert

Alison is a stage director and playwright, pastor, and artistic Bible expositor. She has planted churches and pioneered student work in the US and Canada. She develops artists and leaders, and has worked with ministries in South Africa, the Philippines, South Korea, and Europe. She designed and led Urbana’s first multiethnic worship teams and theatre arts components, has written three books, and speaks widely. Her favorite things are studying the Bible together in community, a good arugula salad from the garden, and being married to Dan, and their two awesome sons.
She will lead the seminar “Acts Of Artists: How Creatives Engage Revival”.

Andy Stevens

Andy Stevens is a global missions mobiliser. He works particularly with seekers within Europe and Africa, exploring together whether they are called to mission in East Asia, and if not there, then perhaps something else. Andy worked in China, Belgium, and France. He has written a musical, prayed with Hugh Jackman’s Dad, and entered Myanmar “without going through a border check”, but only for an hour or so.
He will lead the seminar “Am I Called?”.

Ania Greenwood

Ania Green­wood – creative evangelist and Steiger missionary since 2006. Steiger is a rapidly growing, worldwide mission organization that is called to reach and disciple the Global Youth Culture for Jesus. She served in Eng­land and Brazil and for the last 6 years has been work­ing in Poland. To­geth­er with her hus­band Luke and their two chil­dren – Daniel and Sara, she has been liv­ing in Wrocław where she supports relevant and creative evangelism throughout Poland, as well as in Europe. She is creating and developing evangelistic projects, collaborating with the arts “Revolutionary Art” and the special show “I Am”, mixing various art forms to share the truth about Jesus. Ania actively inspires others, brings passion, and mobilizes a new generation to spread the Good News. She will lead the seminar “How to be relevant and bold to preach the gospel”

Anke Arentsen

Anke Arentsen is a postdoctoral researcher in Astronomy at the University of Cambridge in the UK, after researching for two years in France. She was active in Dutch and German IFES groups during her student years and Ph.D. She enjoys talking about how science and faith fit together. They will lead the seminar “Why nature points to God and how to talk about it”

Betty T. Sari

Betty loves doing coaching, training, counselling, teaching, and helping people in need. Her Ph.D. is in cross-cultural psychology among adolescents and her research is related to well-being. She has worked with university students across cultures since 1999, including international students and Dutch students. Bety speaks Javanese, Indonesian, English, and Dutch. She was a lecturer in universities and a psychotherapist in Indonesia. Now Bety works independently as a cross-cultural psychologist in the Netherlands and work part-time for IFES Nederland as a staff for international students (giving coaching, training, & pastoral care). Her seminars will be “How to start an international student ministry?” and “Intercultural Pastoral Care Using Prayer and Existential Talk”.

Caleb Schmidt

Caleb Schmidt was born in Bangladesh where he spent the majority of his childhood. Growing up as a missionary kid he is well travelled and has experience in the cultures of the world.  He has lived in Bangladesh, Thailand and currently lives in Germany helping lead Youth With A Mission in Berlin. Having lived in the little revival town of Herrnhut for the better part of a decade he has been heavily inspired by the prayer, discipleship and mission movement that came from it. With his wife, Maaike, their primary focus and vision is to see the revival within the hearts of Europeans which would lead to transformation and reformation within society. One encounter with Jesus has the power to change lives and he believes that every Kingdom encounter brings us one step closer to societal revival and transformation. His seminar will be “True Disciples of Jesus will change Europe: A look into the power of discipleship.”

Charlotte Caspers

Charlotte Caspers is the current social media manager of which focuses on online ministry. Their dream is that every single person will have free access to the gospel, to know God, to grow in Jesus, and to share faith easily. After she finished her studies in Communication and media science at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam she went on to work for International Justice Mission and later on Navigators. Along the way she became passionate about strategically using communication and media for the kingdom of God. Her seminars will be “How to use social media to reach seekers”.

Christel Ngnambiers

Christel Ngnambi is the team’s deepest thinker (he also has the deepest voice!). He’s an experienced editor and native French speaker, currently facilitating Cross-Current in Francophone Africa, led a City Group in his home town of Brussels. Recently he became the CEO of ImagoDei. He will lead the seminars Undivided — A practical guide for witness in the workplace Part 1 and Part 2′.

Christian Pichler

Christian Pichler was part of the Revive planning team 2019. He was the General Secretary of IFES Austria (ÖSM) and joined the IFES Europe regional team. Christian studied Biology and Spanisch (Highschool teacher) in Vienna and Theology at the University of St. Andrews/Scotland, where he is currently working on a PhD. Christian is hungry for Revival. He will lead the seminar “Revival: History, Theology, and the Heart”.

Christina Wüthrichmbiers

Social Worker, from Switzerland. Since over 8 years she is working with women from the red-light district, reaching out to them and supporting them in their needs. As an organisation their goal is to walk women into the freedom out of prostitution. In addition to her work in the milieu, she is committed to prevention and raising awareness in eastern europe. She is working for the organisation bLOVEd & Agape international. Her seminars will be “Outreach in the Red-Light District” and “Human Trafficking & how we can make a difference”.

Gisela and Mike

Gisela ministers to mainly Msl. refugees in Germany for many years now. Prior to this she spent two decades in Japan doing ministry. Mike reaches out to international and mainly Msl. students in France for about 5 years. Their seminar will be “No fear of foreigners! – practical tips to reach out to Muslim migrants”.

Danielle Strickland

Danielle Strickland is a spiritual leader, justice advocate, communicator, and peacemaker.
Her aggressive compassion has served people first-hand in countries all over the world. From establishing justice departments and church plants, to launching global anti-trafficking initiatives, to creating new initiatives to mobilize people towards transformational spiritual life.
Her latest book released in 2020, “Better Together: How Women and Men Can Heal the Divide and Work Together to Transform the Future”, and her podcast is listened to by thousands globally. Currently based in Toronto, Canada, Danielle is the proud mom of 3 boys, wife to Stephen, and as an enneagram 7, has been affectionately called the “ambassador of
fun”. Her seminar will be “Doing Justice as God’s people”/

Dave Patty

Dave Patty is the founder and president of Josiah Venture, a ministry driven by a passion to reach young people in Europe with the gospel of Jesus Christ. For the past 27 years, he has lived in the Czech Republic, and spent the 10 years before that in Germany. Dave is an ordained pastor with a BA in theology and a MA in education. He has also done graduate work in leadership development at Harvard University. He is an author, Bible teacher and father. He will lead the seminar “Revive our Hearts: Freedom from Idols that bind us”.

Denise van der Zwaag

Denise works for 24-7 Prayer in The Netherlands. After 5 years of leading a local prayer and missional community of students, God invited her to broaden her focus on students in the Netherlands. Supporting students in an adventurous life with Jesus is Denise’s mission, because: what if the busy and demanding student world meets Jesus? What will be the impact on these students, their peers and families, and eventually their workplaces and cities? That’s why her heart is set on supporting student groups to explore prayer, mission, and justice. Together with Erwin, her husband, Denise is also part of a local 24-7 Prayer community in Rotterdam. She will lead the seminar “How to set up non-stop prayer on your campus”.

Elena Bick

Elena lives in Nuremberg, Germany. She’s a staff worker for SMD in Bavaria and loves to accompany the students in their university groups. Her seminars will be “Treasure hunt with God at your university” and “Leadership development”.

Francina de Pater

Francina de Pater has been involved in cross-cultural ministry since 1998. Since 2012 she is the national director for international student ministry in IFES Netherlands and since 2017 the international student ministry coordinator in IFES Europe. She is one of the global catalysts for ISM for the Lausanne Movement. She will lead the seminar “Crossing cultures with Jesus”.

Gernot Elsner

Gernot Elsner is the founder of GOSPELTRIBE and Reach Mallorca an international Bible and Missions School and a missions sending organization for young adults. His passion is to help people to live a passionate and revived relationship with Jesus and to see how the gospel is being preached in all nations. His seminar will be “Hunger for Revival: What does revival taste and look like”.

Hans-Markus Haizmann

Hans-Markus Haizmann has been involved in international student ministry since 2012. Before that, he studied Geography, Law, and Economics at the universities of Dresden and Heidelberg, where he was involved with the local university group. Currently, he is the national director for university ministries in SMD (IFES Germany). His seminar will be “Evangelistic bible studies with international students”.

Hester Zoutman

Hester Zoutman is very passionate about Europe and young people. As a speaker Hester loves to share about her journey in life, her struggles, victories and conversations with God. She is a specialist in event creation and production with her company Studio Zinvol (translated: Studio with Purpose) she designs and shapes conferences and local discipleship movements. She lives in the Netherlands with her husband and daughter. She will lead the seminar “Stick in the Dirt – growing in faith”.

Jaap Oosterhuis

Jaap Oosterhuis is married, has two grown up children and is director of Pioneers Nederland. Jaap has special interest in reaching Muslims in Nederland and around the world. Besides, Jaap is teaching highschool Biology. He will lead the seminar “Sharing lives – overcoming our fear of Islam”.

Jelle Rijkeboer & Dan Micha Rahn

Jelle Rijkeboer lives in Belgium after he moved from Holland to marry his Belgium-wife. He is the coordinator of the Gave Veste foundation which serves refugees and Muslims across Belgium. His passion is for all followers of Jesus to participate in the journey of those who seek God. He’s also quite passionate about speed skating on frozen canals and lakes in the winter!

Dan Micha Rahn is from Germany, where he studied theology and social worker training and now works teaching social skills to prison officers. Since childhood he felt a call to missions, and after several overseas trips, he was led to stay in his home country and reach out to Muslims there. Dan is a trainer for the Al Massira course and mentors young people to witness cross-culturally. He also loves to play piano and worship the God of all nations, as a foretaste of heaven!

Their seminar will be “The power of Bible stories to reach out to refugees and international students”.

John Edwin Teter

Rev. Dr. John Teter is the senior minister of Holy Faith Fellowship in Compton, CA (USA). John also serves as the executive director of Holy Faith Antioch, developing church plants in American inner-cities, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Nairobi. John has written four books, Get the Word Out and Jesus & the Hip Hop Prophets (co-authored with Alex Gee), The Power of the 72, and Jesus, Michael & Mamba (co-authored with Michael Thomas). John was a Bible expositor for Revive 2019 and cannot wait to be back at this year’s conference. He will lead the seminar “Mastering the Bible In Your Lifetime’ “.

John Lennox

John Lennox is Professor of Mathematics (emeritus) at the University of Oxford and Emeritus Fellow in mathematics and the philosophy of science. He is interested in the interface between science, philosophy, and theology and his books on those topics include God’s Undertaker: Has Science Buried God? Can Science Explain Everything? and Have No Fear. He we will lead the seminars “Questions on God, science, and faith” and “Have No Fear”.


Kevin serves with the IFES movement in Israel and has many years working with the Muslim students. He we will lead the seminars “Answering the Most Common Muslim Objections” and “The Gospel in Ethnic Division and Conflict”.

Kristi Kola

Kristi Kola graduated in General Medicine, at the University of Medicine, Tiranë, and is currently a resident in Psychiatry, at the University Health Clinic ‘Mother Theresa’, Tiranë. He has been a IFES student leader and staff volunteer and is a coordinator for IFES Graduates in Albania. He will lead the seminar “Undivided — Work, pressure and anxiety: an antidote”.

Lea Lustig

Lea Lustig supports high school bible study groups in the southwest of Germany and encourages pupils to live out their faith in their schools. Her passion is to see young people hearing Jesus’ call and being sent out into their own classrooms to make a difference thereby spreading the Gospel. She loves to sing, play Ultimate Frisbee and walk in the rain. She and her husband Francis live together in Karlsruhe. Her seminar will be “Highschool Revival – A workshop for Pupils, Parents and (aspiring) Teachers”.

Lindsay Olesberg

Lindsay began the adventure of following Jesus in her early teens. Seeking God’s will for where to go to university led her to a front-row seat of campus revival. Now after thirty years of campus ministry with InterVarsity/USA and extensive involvement in global mission, she helps churches and organizations seek God through Scripture immersion, prayer, and spiritual discernment. Lindsay lives with her husband Jon in New Mexico. Her seminar will be “Discerning God’s Will”.

Luke Greenwood

Luke Greenwood was born in England, grew up in Brazil, and now lives in Wroclaw, Poland, with his wife Ania, and their two children Daniel and Sara. He serves as the European Director of Steiger, a mission dedicated to reach and disciple the Global Youth Culture for Jesus. His vision is to see Jesus proclaimed to young people all over the continent, and to establish dynamic, long-term City Teams in key urban centers, that reach and equip the Global Youth Culture through creative evangelism, ongoing discipleship, and local church partnership. In 2019, Luke authored the book, Global Youth Culture: The Spiritual Hunger of the Largest Unreached Culture Today. He will lead the seminars “7 lies that kill your passion” and “Discipleship relationship for a pandemic of loneliness”

Marcus Baeder

Born and raised in Switzerland, educated and discipled in the USA, Marcus holds a Master of Public Health Epidemiology. After working in breast cancer research, he and his wife served as missionaries in Burkina Faso alongside churches on HIV and AIDS prevention. Serving in global leadership for SIM’s ( HIV and AIDS ministries, Marcus later worked as international projects coordinator, based in South Africa. Marcus became SIM Regional Director Europe and moved to Switzerland in 2020. He, his wife Jen and two boys, Silas (13) and Elias (4) live near Basel. Loves: Jesus, family, gatherings of people, cooking, music (from grunge to lo-fi and everything else in between), mountain biking, snowboarding, and travel. His seminars will be “Christian Unity: Does it matter in Evangelism?” and “Team Leadership: Working with Shadows?”.

Ole-Magnus Olafsrud

Ole-Magnus Olafsrud, Norway, serves with Barnabas Focus and the Lausanne Movement, after years with The Navigators. His passion is to mobilize whole-life mentors coming alongside younger leaders for global mission. He and his wife have 13 grandchildren. He will lead the seminar “Transformational disciple making and equipping through whole life mentoring”.

Olli Lehmonen

Olli is the Revive Intercession Team Leader. He will lead the seminars “Intercessory Prayer Seminars Part 1: Teaching” and “Part 2: Open Intercession Session”. It is required to participate in the teaching section (Part 1) before joining the practical intercession time (Part 2), but it is not required to attend the practical time on the same day.

Pete Grieg

Pete Greig is the founder of 24-7 Prayer, an international, interdenominational movement of prayer, mission, and justice which has been praying night and day for more than twenty years and has reached more than half the nations on earth. He and his wife Sammy serve as Senior Pastors of Emmaus Rd, a church with congregations in Guildford and Woking, England. He will lead the seminar “The Most Important Thing in the World! How to hear the voice of God….”.

Peter Payne

Peter Payne has a BA from Stanford and a Ph.D. from Claremont, both in philosophy. He was staff with InterVarsity USA for 21 years (at Stanford and UC Santa Cruz and later at the U. of Michigan with postgrad students and professors. Since 2008 he has been the Managing Director of the Institute for Credible Christianity, overseeing an IVCF postgraduate student group at UCSC. He and his wife, Janet, have been coming to Europe almost every spring since 2000 serving IFES student groups (lectures, debates, campus missions, training students in apologetics and evangelism). He enjoys interacting with sceptics. He and his wife served IFES Mexico (Compañerismo Estudiantil) for 3 years, 1979-81/. He will lead the seminars “Atheism v. the Christian Faith: Where does the Evidence Point?” and “Why Does God Allow So Much Evil and Suffering?”.

Rae-Mischel Thompson-Cooper

While attending the College of William and Mary, RAE-Mischel became involved in social justice movements on campus and was eager to unite her faith, activism, and art. In 2020 she, together with a group of recent graduates and graduate students, led In Search of Shalom: A Race and Justice Book Discussion Series. She is honoured to continue the discussion at here at Revive and will do it through the seminar “In Search of Shalom: Race Justice and Revival”.

Ramez Atallah

Ramez Atallah is an Egyptian who emigrated to Canada and was discipled by IVCF Quebec which he ended by leading in the 1970s. At that time, he also pioneered the French GBU. He returned to Egypt in 1980 and pioneered the EFES ministry there as well as being the MENA Regional Secretary until 1990 when he became CEO of the Bible Society of Egypt (the main Arabic Bible Publisher worldwide). He is now their Senior Consultant. His main passion has always been leading inductive small-group Bible studies. He will lead the seminars “Are you a Maverick?” and “To end well you must plan from day 1”.

Renee Molitor

I’ve been involved with the IFES as a student and staff for the over 40 years. I’m on staff with InterVarsity in the US but live in France and serve the IFES Europe region. I’m passionate about prayer and helping others connect with Jesus. He will lead the seminar “Learning to Listen to God’s Voice in Prayer Together”.

Rodica Rosior

Rodica is the longest serving team member in IFES Graduate Impact. She has a wonderful gift of encouragement for those she works with, and she’s always quietly doing many things to keep our work moving forward. After a career as in public service in Moldova she served in as General secretary of CSC Moldova (local IFES). She will lead the seminars “Undivided — An integrated view of work and life” and “Undivided — The biblical worldview: reasons for hope.”

Sarah Breuel & Sam Couper

Sarah and Sam are leaders in the Revive movement and carry a burning desire for global revival in the student generation. Their seminar will be “Revive Movement – spreading the fire”.

Sherami Hinders

Sherami Hinders lives in Scotland and is in her 19th year serving with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA, currently as a National Scripture Engagement Specialist. She just completed a Master of Letters in Biblical Languages & Literature and also holds a Master of Arts in Theology and a certification in Spiritual Direction. She loves meeting new people, being active in nature, and learning to connect to God in authentic ways through good conversation, the Bible, and prayer. She will lead the seminar “Making Jesus Accessible through Vibrant Bible Studies”.

Steiger Team

Steiger Team- people that are passionate about reaching Global Youth Culture (especially young people that aren’t very open to church and God) with the Gospel. The seminar will be led by the “Reach This Generation Zone” team from the main hall. Their seminar will be “REVIVE AND LET’S GO! Reach your city with the Gospel”.

Tayla Dummer

Hey! I’m Tayla, 27, married, born and raised in Brazil, currently serving as a staff member in the national german movement and a happy ft. crazy follower of Jesus! I became a Mark Drama director this year and could relive this huge experience with my students. I’m excited to share with you how this project works and how you will experience God while taking part of it 😊.

Theo Visser

Theo has a passion to see the church of Jesus restored to its original vigour: missional, colourful, passionate for Christ, Spirit-filled, grace-oriented. His vision is to see people from all nations becoming disciples of Christ in such a way that they will disciple others. In this way, he aims for a multiplying movement of God’s Spirit across Europe. The leads ICP EU, a network that inspires, trains, and connects new intercultural churches ( He will lead the seminar “Become a disciple maker”.

Thomas Hagmüller

Thomas is 32 years old, single and studied Music and History in Salzburg. For the last six years he worked as staff for the IFES movement in Austria (“ÖSM”) at first in Vienna and now again in Salzburg. His seminar will be “The Art of Singleness”.

Tim Engelmann

Tim joined the Revive team since September to help the formation of Revive as a movement. Besides Revive, Tim works with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) since 2013, serving in the leadership team for Germany and partnering across Europe, connecting and empowering the young generation for revival via catalytic events and trainings across cities. His seminar will be “Revive as a Movement: Be a Revival Ambassador”

Thomas Hagmüller

Thomas is 32 years old, single and studied Music and History in Salzburg. For the last six years he worked as staff for the IFES movement in Austria (“ÖSM”) at first in Vienna and now again in Salzburg. His seminar will be “The Art of Singleness”.

Zachary Ardern

Zachary Ardern is a postdoctoral fellow in evolutionary genetics at a research institute in Cambridge, UK, and is originally from New Zealand. He previously worked in Germany and has spoken across Europe on topics of evidence, science, and God. He will lead the seminar “A cumulative case for Christianity”.

Zefjan Nikolla

Zef Nikolla is the General Secretary of BSKSH (IFES Albania) and pastor of “Emanuel” Evangelical Church in Tirana. He is involved in various national and international evangelistic initiatives ranging from youth ministries to attempts to reach government leaders. He is also the director of the Albanian Leadership Forum. He will lead the seminar “Leadership Priorities”.