Silent Night

Silent night, and silent day,
silent week, then month, a year,
silent century or four,
silence’s all your people hear.

Silence, LORD, night after night,
until there comes one more,
one last silent night before —
before a woman bears a child,
before the baby’s cry is heard
and the darkest night is pierced,
before your angels praise their Lord
for the shepherds to behold.

And there it is, the gift of life,
our creator in the flesh,
silence is a finished song,
what comes next is song of praise,
song of peace, salvation, joy,
song of mercy, love and grace.

There’s no more silence in the night
and like that baby boy once drew
a group of shepherds to himself,
now as a shepherd that same God
calls his people to his dad.

There are no more silent nights
there’s constant echo of his voice
Come, my child, come home,
come to my embrace,
come and follow me,
I have prepared a place.


LORD, you still speak
and you still call,
you still pursue our hearts,
let your voice once more
pierce the night that’s grown too dark —
let all Europe hear your call
and may the hearts respond.