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Although Europe is full of Christian history and cathedrals, it is now the most secular continent, with the smallest percentage of believers in the world.


But God is not done with Europe. And that YOU are called for such a time as this. Europe is not post-Christian, but pre-revival.


From 28 December, 2024 -  1 January, 2025, we'll gather in TAURON Arena Kraków, Poland - ready to PREPARE THE WAY and revive our hearts, revive our universities, revive Europe. 

Start your new year with Jesus at the center, as we worship and pray, are equipped and inspired - making space for the King, along with 3000+ other students and young adults from over 86+ nations. 

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Tickets are just €159 for students, €209 for non-students until 1st of July, for a full four-day program of worship, bible expositions, seminars, outreaches and trainings. Price is all-inclusive of meals and stadium accommodation is also still available. 

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