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For Gen Z leaders across Europe to LOVE THEN LEAD vibrant experiences in the Bible as a staple rhythm of revival


of Gen Z youth who identify as Christian don't believe the Bible is the Word of God

say they would go to religious leaders or texts like the Bible for guidance

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 say they're at least curious about Scripture, despite their disengagement

of Bible-engaged say Scripture helps them understand their purpose & live a meaningful life

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We will meet online from 5:30-7:00 UK time / 6:30-8:00pm CET on Wednesdays starting in June, through the end of the year - once a month for LOVE & once a month for LEAD. Final dates to be sent via email to those who submit their interest below.


All are invited to join for the LOVE SCRIPTURE Taste & See Experience, or BOTH the LOVE THEN LEAD SCRIPTURE Taste & See Experiences - to be equipped to confidently bring others on a vibrant journey with the Word & Spirit. 

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"We seek to usher people into vibrant experiences in the Bible in a way that increases the vibrancy and quality of discussion with each other and of encounter with God."



First we Observe. We gather all the facts and clues from the text, the background and history from the context, because we want to know what did the original inspired author say?  


Second, we Interpret. That means we write questions and we ask them of the text, then we answer those questions using the text, because what we want to know is, “What did this message mean to the original audience?”  


Third, we Apply. The core message of that text means something to us today as well. The Bible is applicable to our daily lives.  



We do all of this through Revive Europe in our favorite way called manuscript Bible study. That means we just print out the scripture on paper, and then we mark it up. We use colored pencils to make our observations, to ask our questions. It’s fun, interactive, both communal and personal, and it’s a way to connect both our head and our heart when we study.  



We study using the manuscript method because we want to encounter Jesus in the text. We also want not just our ability to study the Bible to improve, but also our motivation. And ultimately, we want to be transformed by God’s Word.  


The more we understand Scripture, the better we’re able to study it, and the more we study, the more we’re able to respond and obey.  

A top leader in global Bible translation stood up after a Taste & See experience and said, "I never knew we could have this kind of interaction with God, the Word, and each other like we did just now... we're going to need to change how we do things here."
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